Aim Assist Gets Nerfed Again in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 Update

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Aim assist in Fortnite has been a hot topic for a while.

It’s mostly accepted that aim assist when using a controller on a PC is too powerful.

Because when you use a controller on a PC you get more FPS and this enables you to play better.

In patch v12.50, Fortnite made a change to make 240 Hz aim assist act like 60 Hz. This update was directly targeting the strength of aim assist when using a high refresh monitor on a PC.

But this update didn’t seem to make any noticeable difference to the strength of aim assist and most controller on PC players didn’t notice the change.

Now that Chapter 2 Season 3 has officially started there have been a lot of changes, including a change to the strength of aim assist.

Fortnite leaker Lucas7yoshi posted this image on Twitter with the new in-game values and shows us that aim assist has been nerfed again in Chapter 2 Season 3.

The red numbers are the values from the previous nerf, and the green numbers are the new values as of Chapter 2 Season 3.

  • PullInnerStrengthHip reduced from 0.45 to 0.3
  • PullOuterStrengthHip reduced from 0.375 to 0.25
  • PullInnerStrengthAds reduced from 0.525 to 0.35
  • PullOuterStrengthAds reduced from 0.3 to 0.2

So it seems that the strength of aim assist when firing from the hip and when aiming down sites (ADS) has been decreased by exactly a third from the previous nerf.

And aim assist is half the strength from what it was when it was at its strongest.

In other words, the Chapter 2 Season 3 update has dramatically reduced the strength of aim assist.

It’s important to note that these changes only affect players that use a controller on PC. The strength of aim assist on consoles remains unchanged.

Some of the top Fortnite controller players have been Tweeting their opinions of the latest aim assist changes in Chapter 2 Season 3.

In my opinion, aim assist when using a controller on a PC was too powerful because you could get amazing aim in Fortnite without even trying.

Players using a mouse and keyboard could spend hundreds (or even thousands) of hours grinding aim trainers like Kovaak’s and still have worse and less consistent aim than controller players.

I hope these latest changes finally make aim assist balanced in Fortnite.

What do you think of the latest changes to aim assist in Chapter 2 Season 3?


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